As a child drawing and colouring was my favourite thing to do, and my best subject during high school. I remember the office of my father with his drawing board, the smell of paper and pencil shavings. This was my magical place. I imagined it to be my future workshop. 

Therefore it was a logical choice to attend the Art School at my birthplace Ghent (Belgium).

I have been working and living in different places in the Netherlands since 1983. I Lost a peace of my heart and soul in the southern part of the Netherlands. The place where were my two beautiful daughters were born, and where the hills are rolling and are covered with blossom from the many fruit trees.

I want to show the beauty of life within my work, and to make you enjoy and feel surprised the way I do. A gift to look at and become happy, to excite in the quest of this existence and sharpen your senses.

Feel free to wander around in my world and enjoy my work.